Summary: Halifax's Urban Forest

Halifax's urban forest has a number of characteristics that make it unique. Listed below are some stats that have been pulled from Halifax's Urban Forest Master Plan.

  • 709,000 publicly-owned trees line the urban streets of HRM.

  • HRM has an impressive overall canopy cover of 43 percent.

  • 157,000 were directly planted and managed, while the other 552,000 were naturally regenerated trees along HRM roadways.

  • 94,000 vacant and plantable spots for trees on HRM-controlled rights of way.

  • About 1,478 metric tons (Mg) of pollutants are removed annually by urban trees and shrubs = $9.6 million each year in air pollution mitigation benefits.
  • HRM’s street trees saved $12.4 million in energy costs each year.

  • In HRM, it is estimated that street trees provide about $2.1 million in stormwater reduction services annually.