Articles in Periodicals

Ecosystem-based management revisited: updating the concepts for urban forests
James Steenberg, Peter Duinker, and Sophie Nitoslawsk (2019)

The blind men and the trees: diverse perspectives on the species composition of Halifax’s urban forest
Peter Duinker (2019)

A spatio-temporal analysis of the relationship between housing renovation, socioeconomic status, and urban forest ecosystems
James Steenberg, P. Robinson, and Peter Duinker (2018)

Beyond burial: Researching and managing cemeteries as urban green spaces, with examples from Canada
Jessica Quinton and Peter Duinker (2018)

Counter-intuitive relationships between housing renovation, socioeconomic status, and urban forest ecosystems
James Steenberg, P. Robinson, and Peter Duinker (2018)

Vulnerability of urban nature to climate change: Overview of impacts and assessment approaches, with examples from urban forests
C. Ordóñez, James Steenberg, and Peter Duinker (2018)

Assessing the influence of environmental attributes on urban forest species composition in suburban neighbourhoods
S. Nitoslawski, James Steenberg, Peter Duinker, and P.G. Bush (2017)

In an arboreal state of mind: The psychological benefits of urban trees are well documented but undervalued
James Steenberg (2017)

Location, location, location: street trees are most subject to conflict, but they provide the greatest benefits
David Foster (2017)

Urban Woodlands and Their Management
Peter Duinker, S. Lehvävirta, A. Busse Nielson, and S. Toni (2017)

Public values associated with urban forests: synthesis of findings and lessons learned from emerging methods and cross-cultural case studies
C. Ordóñez, Thomas Beckley, Peter Duinker, and A.J. Sinclair (2017)

Silviculture vs. arboriculture: management practices in rural and urban forests reflect different objectives
Peter Duinker (2017)

Silviculture vs. Arboriculture: The Same or Different?
Peter Duinker (2017)

The Halifax experience: public engagement was key to ramping up HRM's urban forest plan
John Charles (2017)

Trees in the city: why trees in cities are phenomenal investments in urban infrastructure
Peter Duinker (2017)

What's the sweet spot for spacing? Street trees planted tighter will deliver ecosystem services sooner
B. Aryal (2017)

Why Care about Urban Forests?
Peter Duinker (2017)

A review of drivers of tree diversity in suburban areas: research needs and recommendations for Canadian cities
S.A. Nitoslawski, Peter Duinker, and P.G. Bush (2016)

Composition and Structure of the Tree Canopy in Selected Halifax Cemeteries
K. Hayden, Elizabeth Jessome, M. Lamarque, Kent Noonan, and N. Secen (2016)

Composition of the Tree Canopy of the Barrington Street Active Transportation Greenway
Kent Noonan (2016)

Managing tree diversity: a comparison of suburban development in two Canadian cities
S.A. Nitoslawski and Peter Duinker (2016)

Prioritizing the Needs of Green Infrastructure: Street Tree Spacing in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Public values of urban forests in Canada using a sidewalk-interception survey: results for Fredericton, Halifax, and Winnipeg
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Determining Public Values of Urban Forests Using a Sidewalk Interception Survey in Fredericton, Halifax, and Winnipeg, Canada
C. Ordóñez, Peter Duinker, A.J. Sinclair, Thomas Beckley, and J. Diduck (2016)

Things you never knew about trees and how Pugwash learned them
M. Leahey and Peter Duinker (2016)

A framework for urban-woodland naturalization in Canada
S. A. Toni and Peter Duinker (2015)

Climate change vulnerability assessment for urban forests in three Canadian cities
C. Ordóñez and Peter Duinker (2015)

Old-Growth Forests in HRM
C. Kent, J. Maasik, J. Bell, and Peter Duinker (2015)

Public Street Tree Protection Standards and Guidelines
T. J. Bell (2015)

Trees in Canadian cities: indispensable life form for urban sustainability
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Urban Forest Values: A Sidewalk Interception Survey of Off-Peninsula Halifax
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A Critical Analysis of Indicators in the Halifax Urban Forest Master Plan
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At the Water's Edge: An Inventory of Trees on the Halifax Waterfront
David Foster, W. Margetts, and S. Saunders (2014)

When Trees and Utility Lines Intersect
M. Lesko, Sam Nitoslawski, and Katherine Witherspoon (2014)

Urbanization and Homogenization: Native Species Richness in Urban Forests
S. Miller (2014)

Assessing the vulnerability of urban forests to climate change
C. Ordóñez and Peter Duinker (2014)

An analysis of urban forest management plans in Canada: implications for urban forest management
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What do Canadians value about urban trees?
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Ecological integrity in urban forests
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Interpreting sustainability for urban forests
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Post-hurricane coniferous regeneration in Point Pleasant Park
James Steenberg and Peter Duinker (2010)