Master’s of Resource and Environmental Management Project Reports

Urban Forest Carbon Offsetting Programs in US and Canada and Their Applicability to HRM’s Urban Forests
V. Thavarajah (2018)

Golf Courses are Better than Parking Lots: An Investigation into the Ecological Sustainability of Institutionalized Greenspaces
Shauna Doll (2017)

Online Mapping Applications for Urban Forest Management: An Open Dara Approach
Melissa Ristow (2017)

Location Matters: The Importance of Tree Placement to Urban Forest Values
David Foster (2016)

Making Sense of 311 Request Data to Learn about and Contribute to Halifax's Urban Forest
N. Secen (2016)

Protecting HRM Trees: A Look into Mechanical Damage
K. Hayden (2016)

Street-Tree Planting Contracts: Lessons Learned from Three Years of Experience in Halifax
K. Witherspoon (2016)

An Analysis of Naturalization-related Content in Canadian Urban Forest Management Plans
L. Slapcoff (2014)

An Urban Forest Implementation Strategy: Advancing Education, Stewardship and Public Participation to Sustain HRM's Urban Forest
K.R. Perfitt (2014)

Managing Extreme Wind-Events in Halifax's Urban Forest
M. Lesko (2014)

An Urban Forestry Approach to American Chestnut Recovery in the Regional Municipality of Halton
K. Ashbourne (2013)

Monitoring Guide for Halifax Regional Municipality's Urban Forest and Urban Forest Master Plan
P. O'Reilly (2013)

Planted-Tree Inventory Protocol for Halifax Regional Municipality's Urban Forest
C. Shi (2013)

Policy Tools and the Halifax Urban Forest
J. Hack (2011)

The Case for Fruit Trees in the City
N. Gazibara (2011)

Success Stories: Engaging Citizens in Canada's Urban Forests
J.S.Ross (2010)

Other Reports

The Trees of Camp Hill and Fairview Lawn Cemeteries
Jessica Quinton and Peter Duinker (2019)

The Trees of Fort Massey Cemetery
Jessica Quinton and Peter Duinker (2019)

The Trees of Mount Olivet and Holy Cross Cemeteries
Jessica Quinton and Peter Duinker (2019)

The Trees of Old Burial Ground Cemetery
Jessica Quinton and Peter Duinker (2019)

Forest and Water on a Changing Planet
Peter Duinker (2018)

Forest landscape hydrology in a ‘new normal’ era of climate and land use change
J. A. Jones., X. Wei, M. van Noordwijk, I. F. Creed, M. Gush, D. Ellison, … (2018)

Growing together in Halifax, Canada: A productive partnership helped create a strong master plan for forests in this Nova Scotian city
Peter Duinker and John Charles (2018)

The Street Trees of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia: Inventory and Recommendations for Improvement
Shauna Doll, Melissa Ristow, Jessica Quinton, and Peter Duinker (2018)

The Trees of Old Ashburn Golf Course: Inventory and Management Recommendations
Shauna Doll and Peter Duinker (2018)

The HRM Urban Forest in 2016
David Foster and Peter Duinker (2017)

Tree Planting Tips & Tricks
K. Hayden, N. Secen, and Peter Duinker (2016)

The Trees of Pugwash, Nova Scotia: Inventory and Recommendations for Improvement
by Peter Duinker and C. Pilkington (2016)

Governance and urban forests in Canada: roles of non-government organisations
Peter Duinker, James Steenberg, C. Ordóñez, and K. R. Perfitt (2015)

User Viewpoints on Point Pleasant Park. Group Final Research Summary Report
M. Andrade, E. Bethune, C. Cardella, JJ. Klimek, K. Mitukiewicz, and J. Smith (2015)

Urban Orchards in Halifax: A Discussion Paper
M. Lesko, B. Roach, and L. Slapcoff (2014)

Urban Orchards in Halifax: Results of a Consultation Workshop in Halifax
M. Lesko, B. Roach, Kendra Marshman, L. Slapcoff, and Peter Duinker (2014)

In Support of Trees in the City: A Message for Municipal Councillors, Developers, and NGOs
Canadian Urban Forest Research Group (2013)

Urban Forest Vulnerability to Climate Change: Background Document
C. Ordóñez and Peter Duinker (2013)

Climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban forests: a framework for sustainable urban forest management
C. Ordóñez, Peter Duinker, and James Steenberg (2010)